A source of security for retirement

Apex MYGA® from Delaware Life is a multi-year guaranteed annuity product that provides steady, guaranteed, tax-deferred growth without market volatility.

Apex MYGA® Literature

Apex MYGA® is a guaranteed way to build retirement assets without the principal risk of stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Predictable growth with flexibility

Grow money at a predictable rate with the flexibility to allocate premiums to more than one interest guarantee term.

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Make money work harder

With Apex MYGA®, earnings are tax-free until withdrawal, meaning earnings are compounded. It also comes with the ability to choose multiple terms to ladder investments.

Accessible when needed most

Starting in year one, Apex MYGA® allows 10% penalty-free withdrawals based on the total paid premiums or required minimum distribution (if greater), free of surrender charges. Have access to money when facing the unexpected.

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Apex MYGA® Legal Disclosure

Annuities are long-term retirement vehicles. There is no additional tax benefit to purchasing an annuity within a qualified retirement plan. If you choose to purchase an annuity in a qualified retirement plan, you should do so for reasons other than tax deferral, such as the features and benefits of the annuity.

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This brochure is a general description of the product. Please read your contract and disclosure statement for definitions and complete terms and conditions, as this is a summary of the annuity’s features.