Built for Plan A. Ready for Plan B.

When life happens, Target Income 10® fixed index annuity helps protect retirement income and allows the flexibility to handle changes.

Income options

Target Income 10® offers multiple options to receive income and gives the confidence that income won’t be outlived upon retirement with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB). Expect consistent retirement income payments for life, even if the annuity account cash value drops to zero.

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Critical flexibility

Despite the best-laid retirement Plan A, income may be needed sooner than planned—or not at all. Target Income 10® provides the critical flexibility to adapt to whatever changes the future may bring. Choose a single or joint election when guaranteed income is turned on (instead of at the time of application) to make a choice based on current needs at no additional cost.


Competitive rates/caps/spreads to maximize the account value and death benefit growth. Banded rates reward with higher rates as the investment accumulates. Earnings grow 100% tax-deferred until withdrawals or income payments are taken.

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Target Income 10® Legal Disclosure

All products and/or options may not be available in all states. Annuity contracts contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits, and terms for keeping them in force. Your licensed financial professional can provide you with complete details. For use with policy forms ICC17-DLIC-FIA-17, ICC17- GLWB-03, ICC15-DLIC-TIW-01 and ICC15-DLIC-NHW-01. Policy and rider form numbers may vary by state.

Target Income 10® is currently approved for sale in all states except NY, and in PR.