Kick-start, recover, and accelerate retirement savings

PrimeStart Bonus 10℠ offers an exclusive trifecta of features combining the power of a 10% premium bonus, interest crediting that’s based on the lowest index value in the first 90 days after contract issue, and flexible index account lock to help you kick-start, recover, and accelerate your savings.

PrimeStart Bonus 10℠ Literature

PrimeStart Bonus 10℠  offers an exclusive trifecta of features to help you improve your short- and long-term accumulation potential.

Get your investment off to a “fast start”

Receive a 10% bonus on premium payments made in the first 60 days after contract issue.

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Maximize index gains

The initial starting index value is set using the lowest index value following the first 90 days after contract issue. This no-cost feature offers the potential to increase both the size and likelihood of an interest credit in the first contract year.

Lock-in interest rates

PrimeStart Bonus 10℠ offers flexible index account lock.* Crediting rates are set and locked in at contract issue and guaranteed for the length of the surrender period. This feature includes seamless reallocations between select index strategies on any contract anniversary.

*Available on select index strategies.

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Primestart Bonus 10℠ Legal Disclosure

Annuities are long-term financial vehicles designed for retirement purposes. These policies may not be available in all states, and product features vary by state. The surrender value will not be less than the minimum value required by your state. PrimeStart Bonus 10℠ fixed index annuity has age eligibility requirements, minimum premium amounts, systematic withdrawal limits, and qualifying requirements for waiver of withdrawal and surrender charges. For more details, including limitations and exclusions, ask your financial professional or refer to the PrimeStart Bonus 10℠ product brochure.

Fixed index annuities are not securities, do not participate directly in the stock market or any index, and are not investments. It is not possible to invest directly in an index. Annuities are issued and guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Delaware Life Insurance Company (Zionsville, IN). Products, riders, and features may vary by state, and may not be available in all states.
Delaware Life Insurance Company (Zionsville, IN) is authorized to transact business in all states (except New York), the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Contracts are issued by Delaware Life Insurance Company. For use with policy forms ICC22-DLIC-FIA, DLIC22-FIA. Policy and rider form numbers may vary by state.