Delaware Life launches innovative fixed index annuity with premium bonus: PrimeStart Bonus 10SM

WALTHAM, Mass., March 25, 2024 - Delaware Life Insurance Company ("Delaware Life") has launched an innovative, flexible-premium fixed index annuity featuring a premium bonus. PrimeStart Bonus 10SM offers an exclusive trifecta of features combining the power of a 10% premium bonus, interest crediting that’s based on the lowest index value in the first 90 days after contract issue, and flexible index account lock to help clients kick-start, recover, and accelerate their savings. The product was designed to get clients off to a fast start with their accumulation goals, offering a range of index strategies geared toward optimizing growth.

Differentiating benefits include:

  • 10% premium bonus. Receive a 10% bonus on premium payments made in the first 60 days of the issue date.
  • Lowest starting index value. This no-cost feature offers the potential to increase both the size and likelihood of an interest credit in the first contract year. The initial starting index value is set using the lowest index value following the first 90 days of contract issue.
  • Flexible index account lock. Crediting rates are set and locked in at contract issue and guaranteed for the length of the surrender period. This feature includes seamless reallocations between select index strategies on any contract anniversary.

The annuity has a minimum premium of $25,000; a maximum issue age of 80; a non‐rolling 10‐year surrender charge schedule; four indices across a variety of crediting strategies; a fixed account; and built‐in nursing home and terminal illness waivers.

“The new PrimeStart Bonus 10SM annuity enables clients to accelerate their savings and growth while safeguarding their savings from market downturns or declining interest rates," said Daniel Buermann, Head of National Accounts, IMO Channel for Delaware Life. "Clients can enhance their savings growth and preserve their purchasing power without compromising safety for growth.”

With the unveiling of its latest product, Delaware Life is excited to present a fresh array of index options. Performance of the Goldman Sachs Canopy Index, Franklin SG Select Index, and First Trust Capital Strength Barclays 10% Index is now integrated into the interest crediting strategies available on PrimeStart Bonus 10SM, Retirement Stages SelectSM 5 & 7, and Target Growth 10SM Fixed Index Annuities. These innovative indices are designed to provide enhanced access to alternative strategies and bolster diversification alongside the more conventional S&P 500® index option already offered with these products.

“We are pleased to announce that we have launched the Franklin SG Select Index, jointly developed with Societe Generale, as part of a new product offering from Delaware Life. The Index combines an innovative equity allocation model designed by Franklin Templeton with advanced protective features engineered by Societe Generale,” said Doug Sue, Head of Insurance & 529 Solutions at Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions. “Sourcing the best ideas from across Franklin Templeton mutual funds, the Index incorporates a distinct equity selection strategy designed to identify stocks best positioned to deliver growth.”

Elaborating on Societe Generale’s contribution to the index design, Natasha Dadlani, Head of Cross Asset Insurance Coverage at Societe Generale, added, “SG has integrated a unique hedging mechanism into theFranklin SG Select Index, which responds swiftly when equity markets turn bearish by adjusting exposure based on market sentiment. This innovative and proprietary feature was meticulously designed to protect performance and is based on SG Quant Research. Our combined efforts with Franklin Templeton have resulted in a pioneering investment solution for the fixed index annuity market.”

“We are pleased that the Goldman Sachs Canopy Index will be made available to Delaware Life customers, and we are excited about working with their team. The index is designed to combine a regime-based asset allocation strategy with an alternative investment strategy through exposure to two portfolios. The index provides exposure to U.S. equities, duration-hedged inflation-linked bonds, US treasuries, gold, and broad commodities,” said Pratik Pareek, Head of Insurance Equity Derivative Sales at Goldman Sachs.

Another exciting enhancement in the PrimeStart Bonus 10SM index portfolio is the refinement of its volatility control target mechanism on the First Trust Capital Strength Barclays Index. The volatility control on this Index has increased from 5% to 10% to more effectively adapt to evolving market dynamics and provide enhanced growth potential to investors.

Clients who can benefit from PrimeStart Bonus 10SM include those seeking the potential for growth tied to index performance, coupled with principal protection. This offering is particularly attractive to individuals who started saving for retirement later in life and wish to accelerate growth. It also appeals to risk-averse savers who have limited time to recover from potential market downturns.

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